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Hello Guest thank you for checking out the site. The forum is still under construction so there will be major changes here and there. Do not worry about it if it's anything MASSIVE I'll let you all know.

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Welcome to the Pokémon Go Official FBF (Fan Based Forum). Created exclusively for the fans and by the fans! I highly recommend you read all of the rules before registering if you would like to avoid being banned or even banished!

Pokémon Go FBF RULES - (Last Updated) June 2nd, 2017

- Please do not post: offensive, profanity or disruptive content, illegal content, false advertising or other Pokémon forums, or anything else that is not Pokémon related in the Pokémon forums and topics.

- Do not share, talk about, or otherwise distribute mirrors, GPS Spoofing tools, map tools, IV Check tools or any 3rd party applications that is NOT from the Pokémon Go, Niantic or Pokémon websites.

- Do NOT Spam. Do not duplicate or otherwise re-post topics that have already been posted. Please use the search and FAQ's to make sure your question hasn't been answered. Take a breather after a post, please wait a few minutes before posting another comment or topic.

- Absolutely NO discrimination, threats and/or cyber bullying here. All race, religion, orientation and teams are welcome here! Everyone has a right to their own opinion! Please do not abuse that right.

- Do not abuse the reporting system or you will no longer have access to this feature.

- Trolling and scamming is not welcome here.


- You can upload your Pokémon Go pictures, but if anything is tampered with, has joysticks or any signs of spoofing or cheating, you will be banned. Please read the full Terms of Service by Niantic! We're all here to have fun, some people do it medically others are just lazy, regardless keep topics and conversations to Niantics TOS. If you fully admit you cheat you will be banned.

- People are welcome to blur or block out Pokémon Go usernames.

- Forum Rules are updated from time to time. Please check back ever so often for you will not be notified for the updates. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, please use the report option to report it to the Staff.
- Do not abuse the reporting system.
- Admins and Staff will never ask you for your forum account or Pokémon GO account information. If you get these types of PM's or E-Mails mark it as spam and delete it immediately and block the user after you report them to Admin or Staff.

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